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Calix Unveils CalixCompatible Solutions Assurance Program

Multi-vendor program allows service providers to ensure interoperability between components required to deliver advanced IP-based voice, data, and video services

JUNE 15, 2004, PETALUMA, CALIFORNIA—Calix today launched the CalixCompatible solutions assurance program, a rigorous certification process designed to ensure smooth deployability of multi-vendor solutions. Specifically focused on promoting the deployment of advanced, IP-based voice, data, and video services, the CalixCompatible program provides wireline service providers with a valuable service: the certification of multi-vendor systems down to individual system release levels. In order to accomplish this, the program requires participants to submit solution elements to the CalixCompatible Lab, a large-scale test facility located in Petaluma, California. Calix lab personnel perform ongoing certification testing and conditionally make the results of this testing, including test scripts and system release levels, available to service providers via a secure web portal.

"Even though all of these solutions comply with similar standards, it is enormously helpful to service providers like Ringgold when a supplier steps forward and performs this level of certification testing," said Phil Erli, general manager at Georgia-based Ringgold. "The CalixCompatible program has allowed us to quickly and easily roll out advanced new IP-based services, such as switched digital video, to our subscribers."

According to Rick Johnston, Calix vice president of business development, "In order for programs like this to have real value to service providers, it is critical that they have strict and meaningful criteria for interoperability and that certification be applied down to specific system levels. Calix has invested heavily in lab infrastructure and support resources in order to deliver this value to our customers."

The CalixCompatible program includes two levels of participation: Certified and Affiliate. Certified partners submit solutions to the CalixCompatible Lab, develop joint test scripts, and provide regular system updates in order to ensure interoperability on an on-going basis. Affiliate partners develop to common standards and work cooperatively in service provider networks to enable smooth deployment.

Participants in the CalixCompatible program provide a broad range of solution elements enabling the delivery of advanced voice, data, and video services. Current CalixCompatible participants include:

Actelis Networks®; Acterna; Akimbo Systems; Amino Communications Ltd.; BigBand Networks; Bitband; Broadstream Communications, Inc.; Broadxent, Inc.; Carrier Access [NASDAQ: CACS]; CastleNet Technology Inc.; Comtest Networks Inc.; Comtrend Corporation; CopperCom; Entone Technologies; GoDigital® Networks Corporation; Harmonic Inc. [NASDAQ: HLIT]; i3 micro technology; IMC Networks; Interphase Corporation [NASDAQ: INPH]; Kasenna; Latens Systems Limited; MetaSwitch; Micromuse Inc. [NASDAQ: MUSE]; MidStream Technologies™; Minerva® Networks; Myrio Corporation; Netopia, Inc. [NASDAQ: NTPA]; Nortel Networks [NYSE/TSX: NT]; Optibase Ltd. [NASDAQ: OBAS]; Pedestal Networks; Skystream Networks®; TANDBERG Television [Oslo: TAT]; Thomson [Euronext Paris: 18453, NYSE: TMS]; Tollgrade Communications, Inc. [NASDAQ: TLGD]; Tut Systems, Inc. [NASDAQ: TUTS]; Vinci Systems Inc.; Westell Technologies, Inc. [NASDAQ: WSTL]; Widevine Technologies®; Wilcom; and XAVi.

The CalixCompatible program also incorporates joint problem escalation procedures and expanded training of Calix field operations technicians on partner solutions, all of which provides valuable assistance to service providers deploying certified CalixCompatible solutions. Customers of Calix are also able to make use of CalixCompatible lab facilities for custom interoperability testing.

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